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This “Wall of Shame” has the names of those who have registered for our sales, and violated one or more of the following terms or conditions of our sale.

Bid on Items and did not Pay, Changed Tickets on Items, Wrote insufficient Checks and did not make good on the amount, Left Items at location, Argued, Got Aggressive, and Downright Stole Items. 

 In order to keep their identity safe from other thieves, we will not list their addresses or drivers licenses here, but I will provide this information to any Licensed Auctioneer who would like to take precautions or deny registration to these people who have been Bad Bidders!  Call for more information             713-946-8888 

Abiakam, Fobem Obiora

Abu-ein, Mohammad

Abuisneineh, Shafi

Acheampong, Alfred

Adeboyejo, Adetola Adeleke

Advanced Energy Services

Aguir, Ricardo

Agunbiade, Olufemi

Ahlf, Michael

Akinrimisi, Akinsanmi

Akputa Chukwuemeka


Alico Wholesale

Allen Mildred

Almasri, Subhi

Almazan, Luis F.

Alozie, Kingdom Chiadikao

Amabebe, Juliet

Anozie, Lawrence

Argueta, Rodolfo

Berrios, Julio

Bonner, Kevin

Bonner Melissa

Brown, James

Burgess, Wilfred

Burkham, Michael & Renee

Campos, Araceli

Cantu, Robert

Coleman, Beverly Ann

Coronado, Antonio

Delossantos, Abel

Delossantos, Althena

Deyle, Kurt

Ehirim, Emeka

Enax, Michael

Ferrell, Claude

Flores, Gregorio M.

Garibay, Julio

Ghekcki, Sadegh

Gilbert, Jim

Hanks, Susan

Harvey, Aklil

Hermez, Nicholas

Hernandez, Noe

Hernandez-Monroy, Jose

Hija, Ammad A

Howard, Joe Alton Jr.

Howell, Chizorbam

Hughes, Terry

Hunter, Gary

Ibe, Frederic

Ibironke, Bakare

Idahosa, Patrick

Igwilo, Ann

Issa, Ferial S.



Jackson, Joe

James, Bryan

Johnson, Christian

La Amistad Academy

Langham, Ginika

Lauderback, Chad

Le, Michael N.

Lopez, Javier

Loredo, Josefina

Martinez, Jose

Martinez, Myriam

Mbonu, Nnen

McCalllum, Beverly Ann

McGill, Anthony

McKinney, Asemota, S

Meka, Christian

Mendoza, Simplicio

Monge, Guillermo

Montemayor, Pablo

Moses, Shannon

Murray, Diane

Murray, John

Nelson, Roy

Nguyen, Danny

Odell,  Michael

Odibi, Alexander A.

Odili, Matthew

Okekenwotite, Johnny

Okereke, Ogechukwu C.

Ortiz, Pete

Osani, Pete

Pandora, Stanford

Petty, Christopher (Chris)

Raza, Amir

Robertson, Norman Newman

Salameh, Mohamed A.

Salazar, Beatrice P.

Salazar, Jorge V.

Savetri Hillman

Segun-oside, Festus

Sendejo, Marcelo

Shaikh, Maher

Skurka, Laura

Smith, Josua

Southwell, Witson

Staine, Mona G.

Stevens, Lawrence

Sun, Polo

Tan, Jim

Torres, Sergio

Truong, Tri M.

Williams, Alvin Delon

Williams, Edward

Wood, Michael



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